Regain your beautiful smile in a single day with Teeth in a Day! Our dentists and team offer this treatment to help you return to your regular activities and regain your quality of life as soon as possible after losing teeth. To learn more about Teeth in a Day in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kathleen Tantuco or Dr. Woojae Chong, call Vernon Woods Dental and Implant Center today at 404-381-1734.

Teeth in a day is a unique process involving implant-supported dentures. Traditionally, the process for completing an implant-supported dentures treatment may take months. With Teeth in a Day, this process is streamlined. Rather than placing your implant and requiring you to spend months without teeth, our dentists will place your implants and then immediately fix a denture to them. Our dentists will then adjust or replace the denture as your mouth heals to ensure the best fit and function.

When you receive Teeth in a Day, our dentists will begin by capturing a high-resolution scan of your current jaw structure to determine the ideal placement of your implants. We then craft the denture to attach to the implants after they are placed to provide you with a reliable, stable oral restoration. Typically, you will receive two restorations – the initial denture and a final denture which we will place after your mouth has healed.

If you are missing teeth or need to have teeth extracted Teeth in a Day could be an excellent solution. Call us today to schedule your consultation and find out if Teeth in a Day is right for you!